Hi. We are Tokio pitbull crossbreed, and my mom. After being adopted, spending many crazy times together and enjoying the adventures traveling, we have decided to put our experience on screen. Also, knowing that accessories and toys for tough dogs like me, or clothes for medium and large dogs, are difficult to find, we have tried to make it our specialty. We also know that traveling with dogs is tough, so visit our travel dog department.

Enjoy it!


My name is Tokio, Miss Tokio. American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) mixed with Warren Hound. Rescued as a 5-month-old puppy by an animal protector from Malaga, Spain- “AmarPPP”. When I was 7 months old, Julita, hereinafter called “mom”, adopted me from them.
Mom took me with her to Barcelona, where we have live together since then.


Her real name is Julita, but nobody calls her that. I heard that the hoomans called her Juli, but I call her mom! Mom, is originally from Poland, but living in Spain since 2006. In 2013 she left sunny Barcelona, to live in Finland for a year or so, and then traveled the world (or at least part of it).
Always returning to Barcelona, since it is her second home (now ours haha).

Mom made this website, she also has more skills.

Mom loves to travel, but we have a lot of problems when I want to go with her, because hoomans consider me very dangerous. Mom does her best to always take me with her. I love her!

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