Calming Pet CBD Treats Your Dog Will Love

by | Dec 26, 2020 | Bark News

As most of you know, last summer I adopted Tokio from Amarppp.

Tokio is mix of pitbull with a Warren Hound (that’s what vet said to me), and probably the happiest dog you have ever met.
Despite her infinite happiness Tokio is also a bit anxious about all the things. A knock on the door, people with covered faces and even the vacuum can get her really scared and run away and hide.
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I was at all times looking out for calming treats, and once I heard about CBD I started to be intrigued. 
Then I did my homework, and knew that I had plenty of misconceptions about CBD and what it may do for my dog.

What are CBD dogs treats anyway?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s derived from the hemp plant, and is a naturally occurring molecule that works within the endocannabinoid system of an animal. This technique is liable for regulating and balancing many processes within the physique, and is tied to temper, ache response, and extra.
Whereas CBD does come from hemp, it doesn’t trigger the “excessive” related to marijuana use, and may have many necessary advantages. Reading more about CBD made me wish to give it a attempt to assist my anxious canine.
We tried some CBD treats. And Tokio turned up her nose.
So when I got us Pets Projects a sampler of their CBD dog treats, I was excited however skeptical. Would we lastly get to see the advantages of calming canine treats as a result of my pet would really wish to eat them?

Calming CBD dog Treats

Treats arrived and it was a very good signal – Tokio could not wait to smell it out. I made a decision to attempt the Calming CBD treats first.
I instantly saw that the CBD treats from Pets Project didn’t have the earthy, hemp-like scent that I had discovered with different treats. These have been way more palatable for my generally choosy canine, and he even requested for extra!

CBD dog treats are the right alternative for any other calming pet treats. As an anxious doggy, Tokio needs calming treats every day, just to stay cool in most of the situations . Pets Project soft-chew CBD treats are an amazing situational snack to relieve stress & anxiety. Each chew has 2mg of infused CBD (not sprayed). You can combine these treats with a dose of CBD oil as needed.These small travel sized soft chews are great for adventures & traveling! The package can be brought with you at all times! Tokio love these bacon-flavored chews!

You can also combine chews with Pets Project broad-spectrum CBD oil which is extracted from organically grown hemp plants in Colorado Springs, ColoradoTheir premium CBD oil is known for its extremely high quality and overall effectiveness.Their natural flavored tinctures contain strictly broad-spectrum CBD extract (0% THC) & hemp seed oil.

I am tremendously excited to have them with me for these occasions, like longer travels or basically everyday use.  And I do know you may be too!


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