Elevated and Cooling Dog Beds

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Does my dog need cooling bed and is it worth it?

When the summer comes and your dog will only look for a shadow to hide, there’s nothing better than a cooling dog bed. Cooling dog beds contains the self-cooling mechanism, which works right after your pup lay down on it. It is very helpful especially in small apartments, or if your apartment does not have adequate air conditioning. Take into account, that your dog goes through the heat much worse than you. As cooling dog beds contains special gel, that activates cooling after your dog’s body pressure, you can additionally put it in the freezer for a short time. This can work perfectly during any blazing day as cooling will start much faster and stronger.


What are elevated dog beds?

Elevated dog beds are the most common options available in the market during the summertime. These are usually firm hammock style dog beds, that are appropriate to provide the maximum comfort both, inside and outside the home. These elevated dog beds provide a little bit of height to ensure that the dogs are comfortable and elevated from the uncomfortable surface like rocky floor or tall grass in the yard.