Dog Slow Feeders

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Should I use slow feeder for my dog?

Among all the different types of feeders available on the market, we also findĀ slow feeders. The difference between those and normals food bowl is, that it has separators inside the bowl. These makes it more difficult for dog to get food. Slow feeder slows down your dog, by trying to get food out of the gaps and give them time to chew food instead of hoovering it.

Take in mind, that eating fast is not good for your dog and it can even be very dangerous for them. If your dog has a stomach and digesting problems, or often vomits after eating, then you should try a slow feeder.

Which is the best slow feeder?

Nowadays there is a huge variety of slow feeders. There are slow feeders that you can use for dry and wet food, and also so called lick mats. Lick matsĀ are a type of enhancement toys for dogs and cats. These mats come in various shapes and sizes, so they can suit every dog size or even cats.

Lick mat concept is to apply your dog’s favorite snack, like peanut butter, soft banana, or yogurt to the mat to encourage your dog to lick it up. You can also do it with a wet every day dog food. Thanks to these lick mats, your dog also can learn how to eat slower.