Pet Doorbell Training Accessory




Dog bells, a new way to help communicate with your dog, not howling and scratching. You can teach your dog how to use the doorbell signal when you need to go out, the potty or the bathroom, and then you will hear a knock on the door.
This dog potty training doorbell is made of sturdy, sturdy nylon material that is more durable than other inexpensive ribbon replacements.
The stitching is exquisite, the ring is sturdy, and the bell is loud. It is a quality dog-to-door doorbell with a powerful bell that can help you train your dog.
The dog’s hanging bell can be hung on the door as a door decoration, which can save a lot of headaches and a lot of time and troubles.
Material: Nylon
Color: Black,Blue,Red
Size: length 85cm/33.47″
Description: 3 bells at the bottom, a total of 7 bells



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