Pet Smart Bowl




*We assure that no dog suffered during the shooting of the clip


  • Pet, Smart Bowl has been licensed by a number of worldwide requirements, corresponding to RoHS, CE, FCC and USA and Korea FDA (for BioCleanActTM materials). We do the very best to maintain your beloved pets protected and wholesome

  • Smartphone app connect to track your dogs food consumption

Pet Smart Bowl

* Use the screwdriver to open the battery box located at the bottom of the Pet bowl.

* Insert batteries to make sure to fasten the bottom closed tightly to prevent any water from entering.

* Simply turn on the device by pressing the built-in button located at the front of the pet bowl.

* By holding this button for 3 seconds you can switch the weight calculation metrics from Pounds to Grams.

To turn this device off simply press the button for less than 3 seconds.

* You may also download the PETKIT Application available on all Android (Google Play) and IOS (Apple) smartphone devices and selecting the FRESH option under the sub menu to track your dogs food consumption.

* Users can select from a menu of food brands and if that brand of food is unavailable user must manually enter. Once installed simply enter in that data and the application will track your pets’ consumption.


pet smart bowl



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