Slow treater lick mat for pets





Slow treater lick mat for pets, is awesome for dogs and cats. It is an amazing invention to remove separation anxiety, kill your furry’s boredom during COVID19 quarantine or keep him busy while you wash it, cut nails etc.

-High quality eco-friendly silicone material, eco-friendly and healthy

-Unique design catches the attention of pets

-Provides more fun and interaction for both pets as well as owners, improves pets’ IQ, agility and flexibility

-Prevents dogs from eating too fast and helps with the health of the digestive system

-Easy to install and dismantle, convenient to carry and store

Design – The back of this dog mat has powerful suction cups that help hold it in place on smooth, clean surfaces. The lick surface is designed with a raised edge to prevent the spread of food, keeping your home clean

Slow treater lick mat for pets

MATERIAL: Durable and High Quality – All of our dog lick mats are made from FDA approved, BPA free, food grade silicone materials with confidence in your pet’s safety.

Easy to use and clean: You just have to spread food like golden paste, pate or any food that your dog likes on the pad. It can be cleaned in a dishwasher or under running water.


Color: random color
Product size: about 20 * 20 * 0.75cm / 18.5 * 18.5 * 0.75cm
Product weight: about 90g / 100g






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