Bungee Dog Car Seat Belt 2 In 1 Latch Bar Attachment




Surely you will take care of your dog while traveling by car. So, with so many options, why choose our Bungee Dog Car Seat Belt 2 In 1 Latch Bar Attachment:


  • New Generation Design- 2 in 1 design, not only has a latch fixing device, but also has a dog car seat belt metal buckle. Dog Seat Belt can be fixed on the car seat belt buckle. You can also can be hooked on the vehicle’s latch lever. Therefore, no matter whether the child safety seat is installed in the car, our seat belt belt can work. This allows your child and your pet to be placed in the back seat at the same time.
  • Stay Energetic and Comfortable- The Pet Safety Seat Belt has the function of elastic extension. The length can be adjusted. This combination can buffer a certain degree of vibration, thereby relatively improving comfort. Lively pets are no longer restricted and carry out safe activities within their scope. The adjustable vehicle seat belt for pets will allow your dog to sit, stand, lie down comfortably or look out of the window, jump around in the car relatively freely.
  • Ingenious Combination- ·In addition to the excellent double safety hook, elastic extension and adjustable design, the high-quality dog car seat-belt is also made of durable nylon material, which is very comfortable to touch and will not rub your pet. The included 360° rotating carabiner makes your pet activities more flexible. This hardware is made of metal to ensure wear resistance, long-term use and safety.


Bungee Dog Car Seat Belt 2 In 1 Latch Bar Attachment


  • Keep Active At Night- Reflective light is sewn on the Dog Seat Belt, even if you drive at night, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the pets in the back seat. Cool and trendy, become a special presence at night.
  • Simple to Use And Easy to Store- With one click, build your happy journey with your pet. Not easy to break free, but there is no sense of bondage, never worry that you will be distracted while driving, or your pet will be lost when traveling. When it is not needed, it will not take up too much space in the car. It is naturally like one of the accessories in your car. The Car Seatbelt is essential equipment for you with pets!


Metal Adjustable Buckle (More Sturdy) / 360° Rotation Carabiner (More Flexible) / Reflective (Safe in Night)

Elastic Bungee Strap (More Comfort) / 2 in 1 Design (More Convenient)

Measurement In CM
Length Width
ONE SIZE 45-70 2.5
Measurement In Inch
Length Width
ONE SIZE 17.7-27.6 1.0





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