Intelligent automatic Cat Litter Box

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Product Details

Why choose our Intelligent automatic Cat Litter Box:

  • USB built-in charging,2300mAh large capacity battery
  • Use 5V2A charger to measure Smart sensors
  • Infrared sensor built-in sensor and a sensor sensing odor
  • 24h automatically sensing
  • Touch to start and digital display
  • Higher than 15%, it intelligently senses and releases the fresh air factor
  • Protect the privacy of cats, a closed space specially designed for cats, privacy protection is close to cat instincts
  • Sand leakage pedal, internal spiraling corridor design, prevent cat litter from coming out


Intelligent automatic Cat Litter Box

Package includes

1x Cat Toilet Litter Box
1x USB charging
1x Deodorant Liquid
1x Deodorant Module

Size:46x49X53 cm



Control Channels

2 Channels


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