Interactive Ball Launcher And Treat Dispenser for Dogs




Your dog will love our Interactive Ball Launcher! It gives an countless quantity of fetching outdoor play. Will love this interactive ball launcher, that not solely launches the ball, but also rewards them with a treat!


  • Our Interactive Ball Launcher And Treat Dispenser for Dogs doesn’t need electricity. With its automatic treat dispenser, your dog will love playing ball even more.
  • Getting the ball is the dogs favorite game. When your dog puts the ball inside, after the launch, the food will come out automatically.
  • Even if you are very busy, it can help your pet stay healthy and energetic, relieve stress.
    Elastic Tennis Ball
  • 6cm elastic tennis ball, suitable for pet of different ages. With removable physical disk on both sides, it is clean and hygienic.
  • Taking up no space, easy to place indoors or outdoors, suitable for free corners.



Material: PP
Color: White
Size: 20*20*20cm/7.87*7.87*7.87in
Weight: 710g/25.04oz


1* Reward machine
1* Feeding spoon
2* Tennis balls
2* Detachable plate


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