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Does your dog has stress problems during loud noises like, thunder or fireworks? This is your solution – Anxiety Vest For Dogs.


Key Features of Our Dog Emotional Supporter:

  • Effective Anxiety Solution: The calming vest will be effectively helpful to reduce your dog’s anxiety during thunder, loud noises, travel, fireworks, flames, strangers, separation and many other anxieties, so that your fur friend will calm down, no need for training or medication
  • Feels Like a Hug: Our anxiety dog jacket is an effective, natural, chemical free wrap to ease symptoms of anxiety in most dogs, which applies the gentle, constant pressure at your pet torso to ease their fear, anxiety and over-excitement, calming them down and makes them feel safe, like swaddling an infant
  • Find Your Optimal Size: this anxiety jacket with totally six tapes (two on neck & four on belly) & soft and flexible material which means wider adjustability, please measure your dog’s chest girth with a soft ruler before purchasing (If your dog has lots of fur, it needs to be measured precisely)
  • Pet-Friendly: This calming vest made from extra comfortable and breathable fabric, lightweight and soft to touch, without any complicated straps or buckles, applies in minutes, adjust the flaps freely to make a perfect fit, and it also helps with anxiety, constant barking, jumping up and hyperactivity, this simple technique of maintained pressure has been scientifically proven to calm animals in the same way as cuddling a distressed infant relieves their fears


Anxiety Vest For Dogs


Easy On & Easy Off

Place the anxiety jacket on your dog’s back. The logo should be placed facing up against the neck side.
Wrap the short flap under the torso. Wrap the long flap onto the short flap and secure with adhesive tape. Make a tight but comfortable fit to apply the calming pressure.
Wrap the Neck Strap lightly around your dog’s neck and secure with adhesive tape. Make sure no pressure is applied to your dog’s neck.
Adjust the fit if necessary to keep the jacket in place.

Drug-Free Solution

A Natural & Advanced Formula for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Our anxiety jacket gives your dog a more natural comfort, which is recommended by thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers as an easy, safe, and effective solution.

No need for training or medication! Our jacket produces a dramatic calming effect for over 80% of dogs.

Armour On: All Enemies Go Away

Our jacket is designed to give constant pressure to your dog’s torso, similar to a paw-rent swaddling their baby, this pressure applying methodology provides a calming effect for most dogs.

It gives your sensitive four-legged friend a gentle calming cuddle when she or he feels nervous or stressful, making her or him no longer feel alone or helpless, which in the end provides a calming effect.

Easy to Wear, Clean & Carry

Without any complicated straps or buckles, applies in minutes which reduces the dog’s rejection.

The easy wrap system goes on quickly and easily and is adjustable for the right pressure for you dog. Our jacket can be worn in any situation, Easy to clean (machine washable) & carry, and provides comfort to your pet.



Stress release

Anxiety Vest For Dogs



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