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We are introducing NEW Natural and healthy chews for dogs. You can pre order yours NOW.

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Best Quality Pet Foods

Dried and natural dog chews are the best addition to your dog’s daily diet.
Teethers help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy, also body & coat and appearance.

Huge Collection of Toys & Supplies

At “Miss Tokio” you’ll find wide collection of dog and cat toys, as well pet accessories. We constantly care about the high quality of our products and the good name of our brand.  

Guarantee of

High Quality

We collect our chews only from proven suppliers, which are under constant veterinary control. High quality of our products and process in our company runs in accordance with European quality standards.

Get Food, Treats, & Toys Delivered Monthly

We’ve got a hell of a lot of surprises for this new 2021 year! Not only we are launching super healthy 100% natural snacks for dogs, but also will have more surprises.

Stay tuned!

We’ve Got Your Pup Covered


Healthy teeth. Teethers help keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy.


A healthy body. They allow you to take care of the dog's body, coat and appearance, as they contain all the minerals, amino acids and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the dog's body.


Nutritional values. The main component of chews is animal protein, which is the basic building block for the body of every dog.

“Tokio is an amazing dog. She was abandoned when she was 5 mo. old. Even tho she has tasted bad human treating, and she’s bullied a lot cos of her breed, she loves people and all animals. She’s also wildly loved by her closest friends and family…and of course mommy. Thanks to “Miss Tokio Shop” we can cover her vet, food and toys. We also collaborate with local dog shelters from time to time. Tokio is testing loads of toys and food on her teeth…to make sure all our products are 100% pet friendly”

— Tokio's mom

CEO, "Miss Tokio"

“Miss Tokio Pet Shop”

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